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The escape rooms are designed for 2-6 people. More people can play on request, but it is important to know that the full gaming experience can no longer be guaranteed with more than 6 players.   

For team events, we recommend booking several rooms at the same time.

The rooms themselves do not have a duel mode per se. However, Hannibal starts in separate rooms. If you wish, you can play the same room one after the other and the faster group wins. Like that we can still ensure a competitive touch to the Escape Rooms.  

Don't worry, each room is accompanied by a game master. If you get stuck during the game and need help, you will always be able to get valuable hints.  

Unless you explicitly do without hints!

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by at least 1 adult in the room. However, this does not mean that all rooms from the age of 12 can be played unaccompanied. Sherlock Holmes and Indiana Jones can be played unaccompanied. Hannibal is in any case only available for children over the age of 12.  

If parents wish to play a room with the whole family, even though the children are under 12, this can of course be done at their own risk. Important: in such a case, we cannot guarantee that the children will be able to benefit from the full gaming experience.

The escape rooms can contain elements where you must climb, crawl, or bend down. Our Sherlock Holmes room has been designed to be barrier-free and is wheelchair accessible.

The rooms are heavily booked. To ensure that you have enough time to enjoy our venue, you should always arrive 15 minutes before the actual start of the game.

Yes, during the entire game the players are monitored by the game master via video and audio installations. This is to ensure that the game runs smoothly, but of course also for the safety of the players.

The rooms will be locked at the start of the game. However, no one is actually locked in - the rooms can be opened from inside and outside at any time in an emergency or other situations.

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