Sherlock Holmes

Sometimes even the great Sherlock has to do some soul-searching to solve the case. Especially when the investigation is turned on its head at the worst possible time. You only have one hour to put things into perspective in the mind palace of the brilliant Sherlock Holmes and solve the unfortunate case!

2-6 People

Difficulty 4/5

Scary level 0/5

We will open on 30 August 2024! Leave us your e-mail address by then (FAQ and contact) and we will inform you when the booking platform is activated.

Immerse yourself in Sherlock’s mind palace and crack a tricky case in 60 minutes! Experience how you filter out the truth from scattered clues and evidence, just like Holmes. Every puzzle, artefact and mysterious message challenges you to sharpen your nose and logic. Work closely with your team under time pressure, use your wits to solve the hidden puzzles and unravel the mystery in this unique escape room.